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We meet every other:
Friday at 7:00am

We meet at:
Tameside and Oldham Friday Group, The Victoria Hotel Hollinwood Ave, Oldham, Chadderton, OL9 8DE

Group Local Director:
Colin Foster - 0161 367 8999


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Phone : 0161 652 8780
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Phone : 0161 367 8999
Mobile : 07887 562563
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Linked In : colinfosterus4b
Twitter : us4bcouk


It’s all about productivity: how quickly can we get things done?

Have you ever watched you team thump their computer in frustration?  And have you ever wondered how you could get more out of your day and your team?

Whether we want to or not, many of us have to work with Microsoft Office but sometimes there are “challenges”…, perhaps we’ve forgotten how to do a VLOOKUP or IF Statement in Excel, need a reminder on the finer points of a Word Mail Merge or get rid of those dodgy animations in PowerPoint.

For all of us, however, the key questions are usually: “can I do this more quickly or efficiently?” and “How can I be more productive?

It’s answering questions such as these that drives all the Microsoft Office training, consultancy & support that I deliver; it’s about making a difference to a delegate’s working day, rather than simply working through all the pages in a manual.

My name is Colin Foster and some people have called me a Business Timelord as I have shown them and their teams how to use Microsoft Office more effectively, creating more time in their day, less stress for their teams and more profit on their bottom line.

I am the Microsoft Office Specialist at Universal Solutions 4 Business. Established in 1999, we provide Tailored and Cost-Effective Microsoft Office Training, Consultancy and Support, improving productivity throughout our clients’ businesses.

Prior to this, I spent the previous 21 years working in senior accountancy roles for a range of both distribution and manufacturing companies; experience which enables me to tailor solutions allowing clients to take a fresh look at their business, transforming the internal reporting and putting control back into the hands of the management.


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Phone : 0161 652 4422
Mobile : 07790 548 292
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My role involves identification of new fleet & local business opportunities & securing new sales profitably, from 1 man bands up to 1,000 unit fleets.

I can consult on purchase or leasing options as well as offer advice on whole life ownership costs & other key factors which influence vehicle acquisition & disposal methods.



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Phone : 01457855275
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'High Peak Creative' – Graphic Design, Print, and Marketing Support is my creative agency business and is based in Glossop, within the borough of High Peak, Derbyshire. Offering hands-on, bespoke creative services and printed promotional products, marketing provision and PR exposure. My passion is helping small businesses to develop professional looking imagery, but at a practical price. I am sincere in my value-added approach to everything I do.

I have a vast amount of creative experience and over 35 years in my industry. I create professional designs, quality artwork and provide short- or long-run printed material. As a qualified technical illustrator and author, I am proficient in producing quality and clear infographics to simplify detailed or complex information and results-driven presentations. My Customer/Client base spans SME, Local, National, and International organisations and companies. These include micro, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as public sector, local government (Councils), research and multi-national organisations. 

Throughout my career I have adopted a simple 4-stage process approach to the successful provision of my craft:  I listen... I understand... I create... I deliver.

I  have specialist experience in the creation and supply of Scientific, Technical and Industrial 'marketing and publicity' material in the business-to-business arena, producing brochures, catalogues, manuals and technical marketing literature. Additional prominence in Education, Research and Charity arenas has seen project work including School and College brochures and prospectuses, Annual Trustee and Government Reports. and Specialist start-up business initiatives. In the B2C arena I provide all display and visual communication collateral, soft marketing via social media and PR exposure to get clients noticed and presented as enticing to their target clientelle. 

With over 20 years in Networking, I have a vast contact base to the extent I am widely known as 'Mr Introducer', for my ability to link up people and businesses for mutual gain. I am a proactive afilliate marketeer always looking for businesses to promote on a commission return basis.  I am essentially a B2B/B2C business promotional service, providing a practical whole-service approach to marketing and publicity for my customers, through ' social media marketing and 'targeted promotional campaigns'. As 'Mr Introducer' my offering also includes a 'selective' affiliate marketeer element. That is to say, business introductions can be made on a purely opportunistic  'commission only' contract basis.

The length and breadth of my experience has allowed me to provide pro bono mentoring assistance to businesses owners through the Business Growth Hub, and further as private clients to help them longer term to promote and develop their businesses. I always find time to speak with anyone who is serious about improving their business, and take little notice in the intrinsic value of any project in that regard. 


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Phone : 03304004010
Mobile : 07510587526
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Facebook : techknowsupport


TechKnow is one of the country’s leading specialist providers of independent services in all aspects of IT. 

The company provides comprehensive support packages for a wide variety of companies who require the backing of a dedicated, professional team to manage all their IT requirements. 

Our aim is to provide all the services that you would expect from an internal IT department at a fraction of the cost. 

TechKnow has a diverse client base ranging from start up businesses to large enterprises and everything in between. Each client regardless of size is treated with an equal level of high professionalism and prompt service.


Services we provide:
 - Full Business IT Support (Onsite and Remote)
 - Office 365 Packages and Management
 - Competitive Website Hosting
 - Domain Hosting & Management
 - Cloud Computing (Hosted Desktop/Server Solution)
 - IT Consultancy
 - IT Project Planning and Implementation
 - Anti-virus Installation & Monitoring
 - Multiple Backup Solutions and Monitoring
 - Server Monitoring & Alerting


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Phone : 08009994525
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