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Group Members - Bolton Monday

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Our Meeting

We meet every other:
Monday at 9:30am

We meet at:
Bolton Monday, Courtyard 36 Little Town Hall St George's Street, Bolton, BL1 2EN

Group Local Director:
Rachael Franklin -


Contact Details
Phone : 01204 495552
Mobile : 07950 102385
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Phone : 07496833803
Mobile : 07496833803
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Linked In : ethical business mentoring ltd
Twitter : ethicalbusmntrg


Ethical Business Mentoring provides bespoke mentoring, coaching and training services to Businesses of all sizes and maturities.

We have over 40 years of experience of supporting the goals of our business clients.  Whether its the growth of the Business in terms of size and/or profitability or whether its the development of the Business owner or their staff, we can help our clients to achieve the outcomes that they want.

And rather than an 'off the shelf' solution, we will tailor our approach to the exact requirements of the client - whether that be around content, time scales or budget.

Ethical Business Mentoring - In Support of your Goals


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Mobile : 07393234173
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Facebook : thepeopleshed/


The People Shed is a new company formed in 2016 by Rachael Franklin and Rachel Saunders, together they both have a wealth of experience in HR, Recruitment and Organisational Development across several retail businesses.

The question of whether a business needs a Human Resources (HR) department is not a simple one to answer. Ask the question to a variety of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and HR professionals and you’re likely to get a variety of answers. For instance, many experts will tell you that the number of employees in a company is the determining factor.

HR functions must be conducted for every company—no matter how small or large. So, the question to ask is: “What is the most effective way that HR services can be delivered by your company?” Is it better to have an in-house HR department doing the job or is it better to partner with an outside HR consultant?

The People Shed has been established to provide small businesses with the benefit of both, a strategic HR partner without the costs occurred in employing specialist support.

  • Cost savings – absence management
  • Managing performance
  • Provide guidance with employment legislation
  • Help companies manage their staff fairly
  • Help avoid employment tribunals
  • Training & development
  • Recruitment
  • Employee engagement